1979 Midway 18 Wheeler

Description: 18 Wheeler, Midway, 7/79. A combination game of solidstate and EM technology. Uses the "L" (similar to Space Invaders) style Z-80 boardset and has electronic sound, but does not use video monitor. There is a blacklit toy truck in the cabinet that turns left and right via the steering wheel, but is otherwise stationary. When a game is started on the Midway Eighteen Wheeler, a giant backlit transparent loop turns to give the impression that the toy truck is moving (and the speed is controlled by the player's gas pedal). Game uses red LED score displays and a very strange looking projection bulb. Large cabinet 39" deep, 30" wide, 66" tall.

The object of Midway 18 Wheeler is to keep the truck on the road, and go as fast as possible. There are three forward gears and one reverse gear. If the player upshifts too early (before the RPMs are high enough, which can be heard via the game's electronic sound), the truck sputters and slows. If the truck passes a loading zone, a "pick up cargo" light on the backglass goes on. Hit the brakes to stop the truck, put it in reverse, and backup over the loading zone for additional points.

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