1940 Keeney Air Raider

Description: Air Raider, Keeney, 10/40, big sized projection screen gun game which projects planes to shot at with the impressive 1930s machine gun. There were two versions of this game: the first projected the plane images to shot at on a separate screen or wall (the 1939 Keeney Anti Aircraft machine gun.) This second version had an integrated screen as part of the game. Later Keeney introduced a jazzed up version of Air Raider called Keeney Shoot your way to Tokyo. They added a top backglass and a map to Tokyo where you would advance closer every time you shot one of the planes flying by. There are fifteen flights per game with unlimited shots and hits per flight. This is slightly different than the 1939 Keeney Anti-Aircraft which allows only one hit per flight.

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The third version of Keeney Air Raider called Shoot your way to Tokyo.

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