T. H. Bergman & Co. Arizona

Description: Arizona, T.H. Bergman & Company (Germany), early 1960s (exact date unknown), distributed by Duncan Sales Company (Cleveland), a Lugar-looking gun game that shoots real pellets. A dime is inserted into the machine, and the player gets five pellets. The gun is cocked in the middle ("breaking" the gun), and a pellet is manually loaded. The gun had a unique sight which would make the target seem much further away that it really was. This target was a wheel with three open holes. The target wheel would rotate, and the player would attempt to shoot the pellets into the holes. Behind the rotating target was a disk with numbers. As the soft pellet hit the raised numbers on the disk, it would impress the number into the pellet. The spent pellet would then roll out the side of the machine where the player could retrieve and inspect it, noting the impressed score received. The player than manually added up his score from the impressed pellets, and the pellets were kept as a souvenir.

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