1936 Buckley Manufacturing Company Bones

Description: Bones, Buckley Manufacturing Co. (Chicago IL), 1936-1937, a payout dice slot machine. The player inserts money and pulls a slot machine type lever. The game "throws" the dice, and depending on what numbers the dice land, the game plays out like a slot machine. Similar to the Bally Reliance dice payout machine. Please email me if you have a Buckley Bones for sale at cfh@provide.net

The Buckley Bones actually plays the game of craps. After depositing a coin, the player pulls the handle. The player thinks the dice shake and are tossed out and shown in the left window. If a 7 or 11 comes up, the player won. If 2, 3, or 12 comes up the player lost. Any other number and the player pushed the handle again and this time dice shot out of the right window. If the combination on the right side matched the left side, the player won. If a seven came up on the right side the player lost (crapped out!)

The dice are stored in two drums, with each drum containing 13 sets of dice. The drum on the left contain the dice for the first "come out" roll, and the drum on the right contain the dice used for trying to match the "come out" roll. When played, the drum spins around and after it stops a plunger push out the two dice that are on top and a piece of glass keeps the dice from turning around, so the Buckley Bones knows the value of the dice shown.

There are also flat pieces in a brown box, which are the rattlers. When the machine is played they bounce back and forth and sound just like dice being shaken. This makes the player think the machine is actually shaking the dice and throwing them out.

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