1940 Bally Rapid-Fire

Description: Rapid Fire, Bally, 6/40, ray gun type similar to Seeburg's Chicken Sam (1939), shoot at U-boats. The player gets 100 shots to shoot the submarine, and the sub moves randomly, diving and surfacing, and moving sideways. When the game starts the main light goes out and a green tinted light goes on. After 100 shots are fired, the regular light comes back on, and the sub continues to move for about 10 seconds. The gun stand can be up to 50 feet away, but really 6 to 10 feet is more ideal. There were two different versions of backglass artwork for the game - the first version has ships that match the background artwork. The second version has more modern looking ships. This happened because the game came out before WW2 in 1940, and was soon converted to other themes. But after the U.S. entered WW2 in late 1941, the game was often converted back to a sub shooter theme (hence the second variation of backglass artwork.) The gun also had adjustable height for different height players. There is however no recoil in the gun, but a beam of light is seen by the player on the target as it is shot.

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