1966 Midway Captain Kid Gun

Description: Captain Kid Gun, Midway, 9/66, 25 cents for 20 shots and 10 extended play shots for exceeding the operator selected score. Gun has rifle recoil. Hitting the target gives a classic bell "ding" and the target drops back. Parrots and Ships on the big wheel are worth 30 points, Pirate and Flags are worth 50 points. The game start with regular lighting. The parrots and ships spin counter-clockwise. The pirate goes back and forth. After a 10 shots shots the front lights go out making the blacklight visible. The parrot/ship wheel continues but the pirate stops and the flags start. The flag goes up on one side and when the flag hits the top (without being shot) it drops quickly down and starts up the other side. If you shoot the flag it instanly drops down and starts back up the same side.

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