1938 International Mutoscope Career Pilot

Description: Career Pilot, International Mutoscope, 1938, a personality tester. Has a rotating catalin plastic "attraction disk" that called the arcadeís patronsí attention to the machine. The "pilot wheel" that the user was supposed to rotate to influence the outcome of the "test" (but of course it does not).

Career Pilot operates by placing a nickel in the machine's coin slide. The a flurry of lights begin to flash through the silk screened glass. All the while the customer is attempting to turn the "pilotís wheel" to influence which light stays on at the end of the play cycle. In fact, the wheel determines nothing. Career Pilot randomly stops at a given point and a light briefly remains lit behind one of the "personality types" listed on the backglass and an attraction bell rings. After a few seconds the light turns off, the bell ceases ringing and Love Pilot is ready for its next customer.

There is also another version of Love Pilot made by Mutoscope called Love Pilot.

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