1962 Chicago Coin Champion Rifle Range
1962 Chicago Coin Rocket Rifle Range

Description: Champion Rifle Range, Chicago Coin, 2/62, CDI/CCM. Also sold as "Rocket Rifle Range" (same game, just says "Rocket" instead of "Champion").

A very strange and rather pointless gun game. Game has five 1 1/16" pinballs installed (won't work with any less or any more installed). As the game starts and resets it uses a motorized ball lift assembly to move one pinball onto a long metal rack, which is visual to the player. The player can then shot the ball, and a coil knocks the ball off the rack and onto the playfield. There are five kickout holes, each numbered. The object is to get the ball into these kickout holes. If this is accomplished, the player wins a free game (which starts immediately and automatically after the current game is finished). When a ball goes into the kickout hole, the player must shot the ball to release it from the hole.

The game also has five pop bumpers, four of which are shootable. When shot they change from 10 points to 100 points. But the game also has six slingshot kickers, two of which will reset the shot pop bumpers from 100 points back to 10 points. So as the ball kicks around the playfield, the player needs to try and keep the pop bumpers "shot" at 100 points. Also when the ball exits a kickout hole, this also resets all the pop bumpers back to 10 point values. When the ball drains it passes a switch which increments a ball count stepper. Game is selectible for 3, 4, or 5 balls per game. Unlimited shots and unlimited time.

A serious "novelty" game. The biggest problem with CCM Champion Rifle Range and CCM Rocket Rifle Range is its lame play scheme. There is little strategy, as there is no way to control the ball. It is largely luck and where the ball falls. Because of this I was thinking of modifying this game so it has two 2" flippers in front of the lower slingshots, with the flipper buttons some how mounted on the gun deck. This way the player could flip and shoot. I don't know how this would work, but might be interesting!

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