1956 Williams Crane

Description: Crane, Williams #144, 6/56, amusement only device (no prizes won), four buttons operate the steam shovel to scoop up as many beans as possible in a given amount of time. The machine measured the amount of beans moved, and rated the player's skill at the end of the game. Uses a converted Doepke steam shovel toy. Has a small panel that indicated when the game and uses four buttons to control the crane. Very similar to Chicago Coin's Steam Shovel (6/56), but the CCM Steam Shovel uses two small levers to control the crane instead of four buttons (making the CCM Steam Shovel easier to control). Often confused with Williams 1955 Sidewalk Engineer because Crane has a sign on it that says, "Be a Sidewalk Engineer".

Crane is filled with "Lentil" beans as the gravel. Only Lentil style beans should be used. Beans should be changed every two years because of possible insect problems with old beans.

Pictures by DL375.

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