Sega Derby Day

Description: Derby Day, Sega, early 1970s (exact date unknown), electronic sound, horses race each other head to head, also a pachinko style game, timed 45 second game, dispenses a prize, 8 track tape player. Pachinko-type playfield on the front of the machine. An animated three-horse race proceeds at the top of the machine based on what holes/slots on the pachinko playfield the ball falls through, each representing Horse #1, Horse #2, or Horse #3. Prior to starting play, the machine lights up to ask you to PICK the horse you want to win. (This is done in the far lower left corner of the playfield by pressing either the 1, 2, or 3 button.) Once the player makes their selection, the machine keeps track of which horse was picked. If the ball falls through holes/slots that say "Your Horse Advances," only the horse number that you picked advances. Keep flipping the ball onto the playfield until a horse races across the finish line. The "Lucky Shoe" at the top can catch and rotate to release the ball if it gets caught. The game is also timed, though, so you only have a set amount of time to make your horse cross the finish line. If your horse wins, the player is awarded a prize which is released from within the machine down through the slot in the bottom front door. (Prizes could vary from packs of snack crackers, candy bars, or even small boxed toys.) The instructions imply that all horses run down the track but when the ball goes into a particular slot, it makes that one horse run faster than the other two.

Very similar to Sega Jockey Club

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