1972 Midway Dune Buggy

Description: Dune Buggy, Midway, 2/72, #552. Inside the cabinet is large flat course. The dune buggy is attached to a boom and the player manuvers about the course against time while scoring points for clearing obstacles. Game is timed. Probably similar to the Midway Jet Rider (1/71).

Sound info thanks to Mark: uses a consumer-type 8-track player for background music. Each of the two stereo channels has a different tune. The same pair of tunes is on all four tracks of the 8-track tape. Both tunes are similar twangy-guitar surfing style music, 2 minutes 3 seconds long. Turns out the right channel has "Lies" by Randell and Charles, made famous by the Knickerbockers in the sixties. The sound track can be heard by clicking here (2 meg).

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