Exhibit Supply Vacuumatic Card Vendor

Description: Vacuumatic Card Vendor, Exhibit Supply, 1950s (exact date unknown), available in single or double column formats. Often set up as a fortune teller, this machine dispenses a card with the photograph of the patron's future partner and their kids. There are two coin insertion points on this game: one for a man, one for a women (the cards dispensed are different). There are two card subject matters: Future husband/wife and a fortune type card. The front graphic indicates which style of card should be installed in the game. After a coin is inserted, a tube arm moves to the appropriate card stack, and using suction/vacuum cup, sucks a card out of the stack. The tube arm then goes back and releases the card down the payout chute. Very unique.

Exhibit Supply made a bunch of different vend cards for this machine. For example, here are some of the theme that were available: Sports card, hot rods, bathing beauties, WWII army songs, cartoon cards (from WWII and the 1960s), WWII thumbs up cards, Marriage Prescription Cards, Romance Advice for Women, Screw ball club cards, Dumb-bell letters, Love letter cards, Heartfelt Romance Letters, Modern Confucius Say Cards, Goofy saying cards, 1960s Actresses cards, Whose Your Whoosis, Love Doctor Cards, Astrology Reading Cards, How To Get Rich Cards, Kiss cards, Whom You Should Marry cards, License/Permit Cards, Your Ideal Love Mate Cards, etc. Also with the cards came posters that promoted the subject card for the front of the Vacuumatic Card Vendor.

Single column Vacuumatic:

Double column Vacuumatic:

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