1970 Williams Flotilla

Description: Flotilla, Williams, 12/70, game #398, a bomber style gun game. This game is extremely large and heavy. About 4 foot deep, 2.5 feet wide and 6 foot high. Has a side access door for service (which a person can easily fit inside), with a large 5 foot diameter motized rubber track. This rubber track has florescent targets. The whole track assembly is a removeable and wheeled unit. Three black light bulbs inside game. Green targets worth 100 points, orange worth 20 points, red worth 10 points. Game is timed (there's a physical timer viewable by the player.) Adjustable replay for an additional game at settable point value. (Replays can not be won from a replay, only can be won from a coin play.) Game has a motorized steering assembly which moves a miror giving the player the ability to steer right and left (forward motion not controlable by player.) Electronic sound for bomb and white noise.

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Rubberized scenary track removed from the game showing the size of the cabinet.

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