1957 Genco Horoscope Grandma
fortune teller

Description: Horoscope Grandma fortune teller, Genco, 5/57. A dime for the horoscope and a nickle for the fortune. When you a nickel or a dime, the Genco Horoscope Grandma moves her head, moves both hands, and breathes. The hoppers inside rotates until the right scroll horoscope is delivered into the tray out front. There are thirteen different drawers, one for each of the twelve month horoscope rolls, and a 13th drawer for the fortune roll. The horoscopes and fortunes are rolled up into small plastic tubes. If a nickel is inserted a fortune is dispensed. If a dime is inserted, the user selected horoscope (or fortune!) is dispensed. Many Genco Horoscope Grandmas have a modification - if a fortune only is requested, grandma again moves and the glowing ball lights up "yes" or "no" for the fortune (nothing is dispensed if the dispensor drawer for fortunes is empty). Since the schematics don't show this light, the speculation is this was an added feature after the machine left the factory.

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Also see the 1957 Genco's Gypsy Grandma fortune teller which is similar.

In the game pictured below the cabinet is original. The front grill is unpainted and the multicolored sparkles are present. Genco Horoscope Grandma's dress is original. The Horoscope plastic insert is a reproduction. The Canopy top is a reproduction transulscent plastic vaccum formed copy just as the original. The two front brass poles that attach the top to the base of the fortune teller are original as are three of the balls that sit on top. The two back balls are reproductions. The front glass decals are also is a reproduction.

Picture by jukeboxeddy:

Picture by jukeboxeddy. This game is missing the coinbox, and the coin chute are angled wrong. The cabinet is missing its stencil graphics too.

Picture by jukeboxeddy:

The author's Genco Horoscope Grandma before restoration. There's a bit of work to be done!

Someone rewired the whole inside with new relays. I will have to re-do the wiring correctly.

Grandma does work, however see needs a new dress and backdrop.
Notice the 'yes/no' lights that go inside the crystal ball,
which was an operator featured added to many Horoscope Grandmas after it left the Genco factory.

I will post new pictures as Horoscope Grandma gets restored.

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