Mills & Jennings Golf Ball Vendors Slot Machines

Description: Both Jennings and Mill made slot machines that vended golf balls. Jennings and Mills golf ball vendors (as they were called, to avoid the 'golf ball slot machine' stigma) were made primarily during the mid 1930s (Jennings Sportman around 1937 and Mills Golf Ball Vendor around 1935). The Jennings golf ball slot machine was called the Sportsman and is more famous and well known than the rarer Mills golf ball vendor. The Mills golf ball vendor slot machine looked like their standard silent slot model, but had a very large visible jackpot area filled with golf balls. The Jennings Sportsman had gravity-fed rows of balls that rolled down when a winning combination was achieved on the slot reels. Personally I like the Jennings Sportsman golfball slot machine the best of the group. Just the look and mechanics and the size of the machine make it most appealing to me personally.

If you have a Jennings Sportsman golf ball slot machine or a Mills golf ball vendor slot machine or even a Marshall Golf Ball slot machine for sale, please contact me at

An "as found" original Jennings Sportsmans:

A restored Jennings Sportsmans golfball slot machine:

Another restored Jennings Sportsman golfball slot machine:

Yet another restored Jennings Sportsman golf ball slot machine:

Mills Golf Ball Vendor slot machine:

Marshall Golf Ball company slot machine:

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