1955 Chicago Coin Round the World Trainer

Description: Round the World Trainer (CCM Around the World Trainer), Chicago Coin, 6/55, fly around the world trainer. In the 1950's commercial airlines had revolutionized global travel. It was possible to circle the globe if you could afford it. Chicago Coin 'Round the World Trainer allowed you to do it at a big discount with Around The World Trainer. You sit in a craft that resembles an aircraft cockpit, and upon insertion of a dime, attempted to fly the next illuminated city on the map of the world in front of you. Movement was accomplished by using an air compressor and pnuematic cylinders and solenoids to tip the craft up and down and side to side. Careful maneuvering allowed the light beam coming out of the front of the craft to line up with the lit city on the front scorebox.

I am really looking for a Chicago Coin Around the World Trainer. If you have one for sale please contact me at cfh@provide.net

These pictures thanks to Jon Huppenthal:

Notice the light "dot" on the scoreglass as Jon moves to the lit city:

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