1983 Electrotechnics Gun Slinger

Description: GunSlinger, Electrotechnics (U.K.), 1983, an updated version of the 1960s Taylor Mr. Top Gun. Gun Slinger uses an endless loop cassette tape deck. After the patron puts in money, the saloon doors open and a voice sets up the gun fight. The player is told to draw. If he draws too early, the "cheat" light goes on. Player is aiming for a light sensor in the gun fighter's chest. Score is kept on how fast the patron draws against the gun slinger. The game uses pneumatics (compressed air) to raise the gun slinger's head and move his arm, and to open and close the saloon doors. There's a small compressor in the game which handles the air pressure.

The tape deck is a 4-track cassette, with all speech in the left channel, except for the speech after it says "draw." They the stereo kicks in, with the left channel being the "miss" speech, and the right channel being the "hit" speech. Some of the spoken lines include: "Ok dude have another go." "See you around smartass, I'll be waiting." "How would you like 3 eyes and not be able to see, well I'm the man to do it." "Move on out you scranny cowpoke this town ain't big enough for both of us." "I hear you're quick on the draw, the hell you are!"

At power-on the game can take up to 2 minutes to reset itself. It all depends where the game was when it was turned off. What the game does at power-on is mute itself and play the tape, looking for the start of the tape. While it's doing this search, the game is kind of playing itself finishing the prior game. That is, the gunslinger's jaw will articulate, even though the sound is muted. After the machine finds the beginning of the tape, the "ready" light goes on, and the game is good to play and accept money.

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On the bottom of the game is an air cylinder that opens the doors.

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