1957 Games Inc. Hole in One

Description: Hole in One, Games Inc., 1957, the game is played by inserting a dime in the coin mech which then starts the balls to roll down the metal "slide" at the top side of the bottom "playfield" portion of the machine. As the ball rolls along, you press the button on the control panel which opens the metal slide to release the ball down into the bottom of the window where, after bouncing around for a little bit like a pachinko machine, it finally falls into one of the nine numbered holes at the bottom. Each hole represents each of the nine holes on the golf course. So, at the beginning, you want to make the ball fall into Hole #1, then after you get that hole, you proceed on to #2, #3, etc. until you finish all nine holes. If you get the ball into the appropriate hole on the first drop, you get a hole in one! Each hole has a different par number assigned to it. Your cummulative strokes are counted just like in real golf with the object being to complete all nine holes in the least amount of strokes. The machine is a one player game, where you play until you finish all nine holes.

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Pictures by 59RedVette. The brown around the edges of the cabinet is not original.

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