1957 Genco Lucky 7

Description: Lucky Seven, Genco, 1957. The Genco Lucky7 game is a rolldown game. Though the game makes no reference to dice, it's apparent that the game does follow a dice style game. There are six frame, with a maximum roll score of 12 (each frame consists of two ball rolls, with point values of 1 to 6.) The object is to roll "7" on your two ball rolls, as this will give the maximum points. But the game also gives bonus points for rolling either under or over "7" (depending on what is lit on the backglass.) Essentially for frames 1 to 3, the player wants to roll 7 or less. On frames 4 to 6, the player wants to roll 7 or higher. The bonus values for achieving these goals goes up as the game progresses. There is also an extra ball hole that does not count towards your roll or ball numbers, but just awards an extra 10 points.

The thing that makes this roll down game unique is the player nudge buttons. Where the player rolls the ball there are two flipper style buttons. What these do is push forward the playfield's back ball gate. This allows the player to nudge the ball into the hole desired. With a bit of practice this gives the game a great deal of skill, allowing the player to nudge to the point hole desired.

Genco Lucky7 is similar to the 1957 Genco Number Roll 21, where that game mimimics black jack (opposed to dice.)

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This picture shows the player controllable nudge gate.

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