1959 Bally Moon Raider

Description: Moon Raider, Bally, 7/59. A timed game (about 1 minute) with unlimited shots. Has an automatic machine gun (just hold the trigger down for repeat firing) with recoil. Rear-most target (moves in an arc) is always moving. Point for the targets are variable and indicated in the area between the two stationary aliens. There are two stationary alien targets, and four moving alien targets: arc alien (always visible and moving left-to-right-to-left in an arc), and three straight line left-to-right-left aliens (that are visible only at certain times). Aliens shake when hit. Kind of a neat gun game with great artwork (space babes with guns!) The lighting uses conventional Incandescent bulbs (unfortunately the graphics are not painted with florescent colors, otherwise you could retrofit the game with blacklights, which would be really cool). A free game can be won for hitting a certain (very high!) score or for matching. Rating scale is based on score (for example at 10k points=gunner, 20k points=marksman, 40k points=sharpshooter).

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The author's 1959 Bally Moon Raider gun game:

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