1994 Midway Pinball Circus

Description: Pinball Circus, Williams, 1994, an arcade amusement game with flippers, never produced in quantity, uses Williams WPC-S boards. Click here to see a 320x240 Windows Media Video of the game in action (4.5 minutes long 10meg, from m.clayton). Also a high res version here (same video, but 45meg and much larger WMV format). Also parts list and us patent are available for Pinball Circus.

There are seven flippers, four pop bumpers, three drop targets, and one kick out hole. The lower playfield has three flippers: two are offset and a third one rests vertically nearby, for flipping balls that drain from the Ring 3 playfield via the corkscrew habitrail. Flipping a ball on the lower playfield up the left center ramp delivers it to the Ring 2 playfield where one flipper is used to flip the ball up a ramp to the elephant's trunk. The elephant then raises its head to roll the ball along its trunk to the habitrail behind it, routing the ball to the Ring 3 playfield. This playfield has one small flipper and a mini-slingshot kicker in place of a left flipper. A skillful shot up the rear ramp of this playfield delivers the ball to a magnetic ball lifter which elevates it to fall into the clown's playfield. Two small flippers on this final playfield are used to score the three drop targets and to score a jackpot behind them. After jackpot, the ball is returned via habitrail to the right flipper on the lower playfield.

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