1967 Sega Rifleman

Description: Rifleman, Sega, 1967. After finishing ten shots for ten cents, it prints out a card that is extracted on the right side of the cabinet. This card is a print of where your shots landed in relation to the bullseye targets. The cards are in roll form.

Get either five or ten shots (depending on your setting) to take aim and shoot at a moving paper target card roll that you see by looking throught the rifle scope. The paper card is pulled through the machine from left to right, while at the same time, an opening/closing door is cycling in front of the card, allowing you to see the card for only a split second before the door closes, again. The door movement is similar to that of swinging bar doors, as pictured on the front of the cabinet. The card has photos of five bottles on it, with bullseyes on the bottles and is labeled with point values from five to ten per bottle. The object is to get five, ten point shots. When you pull the trigger, your shot is recorded on the card with a pin prick to show you where you hit. Then, the card is cut off within the machine and dispensed out the right side of the cabinet. So you have a record of your shots and can count up your total score. Each card is about 5" long and 2-3/8" wide, with the description of Expert, Marksman or Sharpshooter if your total points equal 50, 49 or 48 out of 50.

The manual for this game is available for download. Cover, Pg1, Pg2, Pg3, Pg4, Pg5, Pg6, Pg7, Schematic, Door Timing.

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