1970 Williams Ringer

Description: Ringer, Williams #383, 11/70. Very similar to Williams 1973 Penny Pitch and 1970 Darts. Actually identical to Williams Penny Pitch, but just a different score glass. Identical to Darts too, but cabinet art and score glass are different. Although very simple in design, this is fun to play. One or two players can play. You spin the disk on the right side to throw the horseshoe towards the pit on the other side of the glass. As it spins, the horseshoe lights up going across the glass. It can land in the pit for one point, a leaner for two, or a ringer for three. You get seven shots per game, and if you get a ringer on the third or sixth (I think) shots, you get an extra toss. It is so simple and stupid, but it is fun. Ringer manual and Parts manual and Ringer score cards and Ringer schematics available.

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