1963 Chicago Coin Riot Gun

Description: Riot Gun, Chicago Coin, 9/63. Uses standard light bulbs for internal illumination (no florescent tube and no black light.) Can be played as a timed unlimited shot game, or an unlimited time set shot number game (user selectible.) Has five non-moving window targets that fall when hit. After all these are shot, a cat target appears. Also has three light animation men running target areas across the top. There are also three random door (limited time) shots (doors open revealing a bad guy to shoot.) Finally there are two surprise large gangster targets that pop up randomly during the game. Game also had a match option and extended time play (basically you get a free followup game immediately if you match or exceed a set score.) Of the pre-blacklight gun game, CCM Riot Gun is certainly one of the better and more interesting ones.

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Pictures by Hit1ozzie:

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