1970 Midway S.A.M.I.

Description: S.A.M.I., Midway #544, 6/70 (schematic date 2/70), gun game that launches rockets with a joystick control, electronic sound. SAMI stands for Surface to Air Missile Interceptor. Basically a copy of Sega's Missile game. The airplanes that appear on the screen are actually printed on like a continually moving movie strip, using a high power projection bulb (which gets REALLY hot, and has its own cooling fan). Player moves a motorized tank left and right, and fires a missile ahead of on-coming planes. Once the missile is fired, player has some minor control left and right of their missile. Has a slide-out stool for shorter players.

Personally I like SAMI better than Sega's Missile. The game play seems more refined, and the cabinet is sleeker (but still pretty heavy). Also the on-screen planes seem better defined. But for the most part, these two games are pretty much the same.

The Author's Midway SAMI:

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