1974 Sega Cowboy

Description: Cowboy, Sega, 1974. Designed to simulate roping a steer. The game's main elements are faux holograms: the cowboy's lasso and the steer. The arm hurls the lasso at the steer, with the player's push of a button. Must time the release of the lasso so that it travels forward into the distance and arrives at the steer's legs, roping him. The cowboy's 3D illuminated arm swings the lasso in a circular motion, prior to the release. Roping the steer causes him to turn upside down, which registers a point. The player has 1 minute to execute as many successful lasso endeavors as possible. During gameplay, an 8-track tape plays the hooves of the cowboy's horse as well as the sound of the steer's capture. The cowboy itself is a physical mannequin head (as opposed to a faux hologram), bobbing around as if riding a horse. The cowboy's arm is also a physical object, which is illuminated to resemble a hologram. In contrast, the rope itself and the steer are both purely nonphysical images, composed of projected lights and angled mirrors. The rope effect is accomplished by a string tethered to an extending and contracting mechanism, illuminated by a black light, and projected into the scene with mirrors.

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