1976 Chicago Coin Shoot Out

Description: Shoot Out, Chicago Coin, 3/76, released at the same time as CCM's Coney Island gun game, A very large Dale style gun game. Came with an optional 8-track player for background music and limited speech. Separate electronics used for the other sound effects (gunshots, etc). Used a modified consumer 8-track player and the same program material was recorded on all four tracks of the tape (tape is labeled "SHOOT OUT RIFLE" "PART NO. 463-309"). The left channel has almost 9 minutes of "honky-tonk" barroom music. There are a number of tunes with about a 1 second gap between them. The right channel is simply the repetition of the "Get ready for the big shoot-out". MP3 sound file, courtesy of M.Clayton.

Game is timed at one minute with unlimited shots. If 3000 points are scored, another 60 seconds "extended time" is earned. Targets appear one at a time, popping up from behind a barrel or in a window, and you have a few seconds to shoot the target. When hit the target disappears. Each hit target is worth 100 points. There are two moving light animiated targets. One that appears above Saloon doors. The other appears as a hologram in the foreground by the barrel. If hit it changes directions. Can be hit repeatedly, changing directions with each hit. There is also a "shoot out" where a relay pulls in and activates just the right sound channel repeating the phrase, "Get Ready for the Big Shoot Out" for about 5 seconds. Then a cowboy with a gun appears in the opening saloon doors. If you shoot him fast before he shoots you, the cowboy falls down and a light turns on saying "you got him". If you are not fast enough another light goes on that says "he got you". Shooting the cowboy first is worth 500 points.

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