1958 United Sky Raider

Description: Sky Raider, United, 10/58, unique cabinet, twin guns but single player. There is a rotating drum inside the machine with a bright incandescent bulb mounted in the middle. Also pictures of 1950s rocket-ships on the drum, and when they pass in front of the bulb, it looks like they are 'flying' in front of the gunsights. Aim the twin cannons at the rocket ship (there is a crosshair in the sight that moves as the cannons move) and start firing. The cannons both have recoil and gives the 'ack-ack' effect of twin machine guns. If you hit a plane a red light briefly illuminates and a bell rings. The game is over when your time runs out or you have fired 100 shots. The rocketship pictures themselves were printed on strips of plastic and screwed into the metal drum and often shriveled up. There is also a 'cloudscape' cosmetic piece that the rocketships are projected through that can deterioate.

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Original cabinet graphics:

Repainted cabinet:

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