1962 Bally Spinner

Description: Spinner, Bally #697, 1962, catch colored balls with the highest value in your five holes to beat the other players before the timer runs out. Center spinner turns and throws balls, and player can decide to keep any particular ball, or eject it out in hopes of a better ball. A timed game with a buzzer going off for the last 10 seconds of game play. Dimensions are 29" x 29" x 48". A pretty unique and small footprint 4-player game.

Comes with two sets of balls. One set has poker card values on them (9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace). The poker set is six ball faces times four colors (suites) for 24 total balls. The other set of balls have nothing on them, are just colored, for a total of 30 balls (five different colors, six of each color.) These are used for the point system scoring (instead of poker hand scoring.) The point system is shown in front of each player with certain colors being worth from 10 to 100 points for the correct color in the correct hole. (Player has to add up the points themselves, hopefully they aren't color bind!)

The game electrically is pretty simple, with just a stepper unit and a couple relays and a timer motor and spin motor. Mechanically it's fairly complicated though. As the game resets, all balls are lifted out of the player's holes. Then the player must press the center red button to engage their player station. This lowers their hole posts, allowing that player to enage. This way anywhere from one to four players can play at a time (though a one player game is really not much fun.) Note a single coin starts the game, and allows for one to four players (so a dime is all that is needed to play, regardless of the number of players.) When the game ends the ball hole eject buttons no longer work, so the balls can be seen by all players and scores checked against each other. Artwork is available for the score cards here.

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