1972 Williams Stockade

Description: Stockade, Williams #395, 7/72, electronic sound, has two rear moving targets, two side moving targets, and four front pop-up targets. Also has a motorized Indian Chief target dead center front that appears as a hologram! This gives a total of nine different targets, five of which are motorized. The front four pop-up targets randomly appear for just a moment, and then retract. The four rear targets are more sequential and less random. Any hit target jumps back, like they are really taking a bullet! Game also uses four red #44 bulbs which flash on and off behind rocks indicating the player is being shot at by other enemies (a nice gun flash muzzle effect), in unison with an electronic gun sound. Score values for the targets are all shown on the score glass using holograms, which is a very nice effect (some of the targets vary in value, so this is very helpful). There are three electronic sound effects in the game: an Indian howl (which is played when a target is hit), enemy gun fire sound (which randomly goes off indicating enemies are shoting you), and a gun sound for the player's rifle. Game uses the new 29" wide gun cabinet (prior to Stockade, Williams gun games were 26" wide).

Game does not have a time limit, just a straight 25 shots, so there is no pressure to shoot. If you score a certain point level (30k, 40k, 50k, 60k, operator selectible), another 10 shots are awarded (or a replay, again operator selectible). I found getting 30,000 points difficult, so I moved the wires on the 10,000 point score reel to allow replay/added shots at 20k, 30k, 40k or 50k points.

Game runs all coils at 50 volts. The schematic does not indicate a gun kick recoil solenoid, and from looking inside, I would say there was never one installed either. This kind of sucks, because the gun recoil is an important part of any EM gun game (it really does add realistic gun feel). So I added a recoil unit using a Gottlieb 120 volt drop target reset A-18318 coil (about 10 ohms). I used the entire Gottlieb coil bracket and coil plunger and made a plunger link from some 1/2" x 1/8" metal. The two piece plunger link ties around the gun's aim shaft. A rubber shock gasket was already in place by Williams and around the gun's aim shaft. The Gottlieb coil bracket practically bolted right to the Williams gun plate (which was already tapped for two 8-32 screws). The hardest part in the whole procedure was making the plunger link and routing the wire from the trigger relay to the gun. I tried to power the recoil with the game's 50 volt coil circuit, but it didn't give enough kick. Instead I used 120 volts (which is what all other gun games use for the recoil solenoid power). I hooked into power at the 120 volt outlet for the sound box, and added a switch to the trigger relay which connects to the new gun kick coil. I also put a 2 amp slo-blow fuse in the circuit. This worked great, giving a nice recoil, and really added to the game play.

Please contact me if you have this game for sale at cfh@provide.net

Here the holograms can be seen for the "Chief" (center) and target point values.

My Gottlieb drop target reset coil/bracket adapted to be the gun's recoil unit.

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