1974 Allied Leisure Super Shifter

Description: Super Shifter, Allied Leisure, 1974. Uses a toy florescent 1970s plastic Corvette as the driver's car. Player is driving a car down a dragstrip trying to beat the machine's car speed. Speed is shown on eight Nixie tube score displays (four displays for the player, four for the machine). This game is mostly solidstate, with a main logic board that drives a smaller 8 (ice cube) relay board (coin, credit, explosion relays, and a relay for each of the four gears). Electronic sound and has a tach that actually works relative to the player's gas peddle. The gas peddle is controlled by a light sensor (light provided by two #47 bulbs). There is a motor driven plastic cylinder with bulbs inside to give a psychodelic effect.

In order for the game to start, the player must have the game in 1st gear and the clutch in, and then press the red start button on the control panel. There is a mechanical switch for each gear position and the clutch, and a #47 bulb to show the game is in 1st gear. Now the 1st gear relay pulls in, and the lights on the christmas tree start going from red to yellow to green (if the game doesn't pull in the 1st gear relay, this can be done by hand to force the game to start). At the green light let the clutch out and drive. The Nixie tube displays show the player's speed versus the game's car speed. Shift when the tach gets close to red line. If you let it rev too high the motor blows with an explosion sound.

Essentially the same game as Allied Leisure Chopper (1974).

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