1940-1957 Mutoscope Voice-O-Graph
1960 Williams Voice-O-Graph

Description: Voice-O-Graph, International Mutoscope, 1940 to 1957 in several different versions. Williams announced in 1960 the rights to produce the Voice-o-Graph, since Mutoscope didn't have production facilities to make the machine (but whether Williams actually made any is a mystery, and it's unknown if it was a design rip-off, or a licensed version.)

A record recording booth (similar to a photo booth) that lets the patron make an actual 6" record which could be played on any record player. Customer selectable output record for 45 or 78 RPM. Note this machine has gained some popularity recently due to Jack White's usage of the machine on late night TV shows.

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Martin in the movie Badlands with a Voice O Graph:

Williams announcing their production of the Mutoscope Voice-a-graph in 1960.

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