1926 Mills Novelty Company Wizard Fortune Teller

Description: The Wizard Fortune Teller, Mills Novelty Company, 11/26, metal table top fortune teller with a rotating paper disk that shows the patron's fortune. In the 1910s Mills Novelty made an early floor model spinning fortune teller. Then they made this countertop wood case model, the "Wizard" in the early 1920s. Then they made the final and best model, an aluminum cast front Wizard in 1926. You could select one of six questions, such as What will my future wife/husband look like, How can I get rich, etc. You then inserted a penny, pushed the plunger, and your answer was revealed in the open window. The front casting is what gives this game such a great look, with the wizard and his smoking incense pot. And of course, the Mills owl logo on the lower right.

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Pictures by Ny Pop:

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