International Mutoscope Wizard's Pen
aka Mike Munves Mystic Pen

Description: Wizards Pen (aka Mike Munves Mystic Pen), International Mutoscope, 1930s (exact date unknown). palm reader fortune teller. Often known as Exhibit Supply Mystic Pen. Put a nickel in the coin push slide and place your hand on the top casting, the pen inside jumps around as if writing a personal message to you. When finished the machine vends out what appears to be a hand written card with a reading of your palm. But in reality the card are pre-printed. Mike Munves repainted these and sold them as their in the 1940s and 1950s. The fortune card reads, "The magic ray reads you like a book. Drop another coin in the slot and the electric pen will write you some more."

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Pictures by cailledog:

Mike Munves repainted Mystic Pen. Pictures by newbe44:

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