1955 Mutoscope Zelda the Mysterious

Description: Zelda the Mysterious fortune teller, International Mutoscope, 4/55, often confused as a Mike Munves fortune teller, Zelda was actually made by Mutoscope. When a coin is inserted, the overhead lights turn off, and Zelda's eyes turn on (powered by two small 7 watt 120 volt bulbs). Then Zelda's eyes blink, her chest breathes, and her hand moves over the cards in unison with her head moving, and then she dispenses the patron's fortune on a card. After the card is dispensed the overhead lights turn back on. Her crystal ball is lighted from underneath and is always powered on. The card dispensor is a simple vertical stacked mech, where the cards are stacked in alternating directions. A schematic of Zelda is available here. Zelda is similar to the 1954 Mutoscope Mystic Swami (the same basic cabinet and mechanism).

If you have a coin operated Mutoscope Zelda the Mysterious fortune teller for sale (or pictures of an original Zelda) please let me know at cfh@provide.net

Mutoscope Zelda factory photo:

The author's repainted Zelda before restoration. Zelda herself and her cloths are original.

After the machine was stripped of three over-paints (black, dark blue, light blue).
The original red/pink and silver can be seen, over a white primer.

Zelda after repainting, but before the coffee cup artwork is applied.
Also the original Heath coin accepted was refitted.

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