Zoltar Speaks Fortune Teller

Description: Zoltar Speaks fortune teller, zoltarmachine.com, NEW, trying to take advantage of the Zoltar name as used in the movie "Big", this recently made fortune teller uses the "zoltar" name. (Has nothing to do with the movie however.) Dispenses fortune tickets and has mechanical animation (moving eyes, jaw, arm, head). Also speaks with 16 different phrases, and the crystal ball lights. Has an attract mode speech box that says four different phrases, one every 30 seconds (this has a separate volume control from the game sound). Comes in three different sizes (Premium 33" wide, Standard 27" wide, Economy 24" wide). The economy model does not come with coin gear and does not have all the body movement of the Premium and Standard models (Economy basically just talks and dispenses a fortune card). Also the economy model is designed for free play (but coin gear is available for an additional charge on the economy model). All models have other options available for more money like a breathing chest or a microphone so the patron can talk back to Zoltar (patron's voice is pitch altered).

If you have a Zoltar Speaks fortune teller for sale please contact me at cfh@provide.net

The author's Zoltar Speaks Premium (33" wide) fortune teller (set-up without DBA):

The 4" Zoltar double-sided fortune cards which are dispensed by the machine.

The guts of the machine showing the fortune dispensor, the attract mode play box,
the computer/power supply which runs everything, and the animatronics/amplifier box.

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