1949 Williams All American Quarterback

Description: All American Quarterback, Williams #32, 10/49, one player pinball, horizontal running man unit with a single football player that runs right and left, football version of Star Series (1/49) with the same body and a repainted playfield and a different head. The interesting thing about this game is the pitching unit; it does *not* use a motor like later baseball games to pitch the ball. Instead it is a manual ball pitch, where the player pushes in a plunger on the front left of the cabinet to pitch the ball (much like the ball lift mechanism used on manual ball load pinball games). The other control on the game is the "football" lever on the front right of the cabinet. The player turns this to activate the flippers (often the football has broken off this lever). Because of this, the game is fairly lame to play. Also the playfield top glass is actually silkscreened with the "score card" information. This was done on plate glass, so most often this top glass is cracked or missing. Without the original silkscreen top glass, the area right in front of the player looks "naked" as the lower ball arch area is revealed, showing light bulbs and the credit unit.

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Some of the lower flippers on this game have been replaced with posts:

Correct configuration of flippers:

This game is missing the "football" pitch lever near the front door:

On the left is the manual pitch plunger, and on the right is the "football" flipper lever:

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