1934 Rockola Army and Navy football pinball

Description: Army and Navy pinball, Rockola, 12/34, a pinball game. The yellow "football" in the lower playfield sits on a chain that moves it left or right across the football field. Increments by 20, 40, or 60 yards, depending on which hole is scored in the upper playfield by the ball in play. When the football reaches an end zone, it falls into a scoring hole and the appropriate score reel is increased by 6 (or 3 if it was a field goal). One of the first games to use score reels for scoring. After falling into a score hole, the football is ejected from below the playfield back onto the chain at the 50 yard line, ready for the next shot. The mechanism that kicks this yellow ball from below the playfield is powered by the motion of the ball lift lever. It is reset each time the lever is pushed by the player to lift the next ball to the shooter alley. This is one of the last fully mechanical pinball machines made by this manufacturer and has a wood finish playfield. Note there is also a gold playfield finish version of this game that uses gold as the playfield background color (instead of natural wood.)

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