1948 Evans Bat-A-Score

Description: Bat-A-Score, H.C. Evans, 12/48, 1 player, manikin pitcher and batter. Batascore the pitcher actually throws the ball (overhand) through the air (not rolled), and the batter (using a small player controlled bat, not solenoid powered) must hit the small 1/4" ball. Because of this three-dimensional air space in Batascore for which the ball must travel, the game is rarely playable today (since the batter's bat only moves, it can't compensate for a low, high or outside pitches). As the game got older and wore, the pitches became even less percise, making the game very difficult to adjust for playability. But if Evan Bat-a-score can be adjusted/fixed for good pitches, it is very fun, and very challenging.

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The first incarnation of Batascore also had a manikin catcher, but the catcher took massive abuse from the air balls thrown by the pitcher. This usually resulted in a decapitated and/or amputated catcher! For this reason, the manikin catcher was replaced with a curved metal or plastic shield to defect the thrown ball. Backglass (housed in the upper lightbox) is a mirrored screened score glass. The front playfield glass is a unique clear curved glass.

This was the later (and more common) version of the game, where the manikin "catcher" was
replaced by a metal shield.

The entire cabinet has been repainted. The front door should have the same graphic as
the topmost side of the head (a baseball with two crossed bats).

Here's a Bat-a-score with the original manikin catcher and original front cabinet panel paint.

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