1984 Bally Midway Big Bat baseball

Description: Big Bat, Bally Midway, 1984, electronic pitch and bat game. Midway Big Bat is a pitch and bat that uses a Bally -133 MPU board (like Bally pinballs) with a combination power supply, lamp driver, and solenoid driver board (like Baby Pacman). The sound board is a "Squawk & Talk" which produces sound, music, and speech. There is background crowd noise and other speech like "base hit", "peanuts!", "get a homer!", "three-bagger", and "take me out to the ball park" like music. Game uses 1" nylon balls and pitches them like a real life pitching machine (unlike the more conventional pitch and bats which fling the ball out from under a flap mounted on the playfield.) The nylon ball is pushed between two spinning rubber bushings, which pitches them out a 6" long tube above the playfield. The bat is somewhat large, much like the bat used on a Genco Hi-Fly (1956) with a metal flap on the face of the bat (to increase bat surface area, making hits easier with less accurate pitching.) Scoring is the typical Bally 6-digit 190 volt score displays used on pinball machines.

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pictures by Rob9:

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