1950 Williams Double Header

Description: Double Header*, Williams, 8/50, shuffle alley with running man unit, first Williams game with horizontal running man unit, but slightly different than the unit used from 1951 to 1973 by Williams, as running men appear from the top instead of the bottom horizontal. (The men pop down from above, instead of popping up from underneath.) Depending on where the player slides the puck, a single, double, triple, or home run is scored. Miss all of those targets (and that is actually pretty hard to do) and the player gets an "out", although the machine doesn't formally call it that. When a hit is made, animated base runners pop down from above in the hooded area above the alley, and run the bases according to the hit scored. Runners remain on base while the player throws four shots for that inning. The player is trying to score the most runs in each of the five innings of play.

In a two-player game, players alternate shots per inning. Meaning you take your four shots for the inning, then your opponent shoots four shots, alternating through the five innings. Players try and score as many runs as possible for the inning, with four obviously being the maximum, with a total of twenty shots per game. During each inning, the score is shown is for that inning, similar to in a boxscore. At the end of the game, the players need to add up the total runs for each of the five innings in order to know the final score. That is, the machine doesn't give a final score total.

Apparently the visiting team (player one) used on the backglass varied from market to market (though the home team player two, the Dodgers, seems to be consistent; for example, the flyer below shows the Yankees versus the Dodgers, but the actual picture beneath that shows St.Louis versus the Dodgers).

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Pictures by 59redvette (game repainted but done well):

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