1953 Williams Deluxe Baseball* (and variants)

Description: Williams' 1953 Deluxe Baseball had four different variants of the same game. They all used the same playfield and cabinet, but offered either replay or novelty. All models had a short backbox with lighted scoring. The varients included:

  • Deluxe Baseball, 4/53, Williams #88, short lightbox scoring, replay or novelty (no replay).
  • Star Baseball, 6/53, Williams #89, scoreboard double match, short lightbox scoring.
  • Deluxe Special Baseball, 6/53, Williams #93, short lightbox scoring, novelty version (no replay) made for New York.
  • Pennant Baseball, 7/53, Williams #94, double match (number and star) or novelty (no replay), short lightbox scoring.

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