1965 Williams Double Play Baseball

Description: Double Play Baseball, Williams #302 (3/25/65), #326 (engineering update 8/16/65), #327 (novelty), 4/65. One player, completing game title awards replay (carry over feature), hitting seven targets in one games awards extra inning, fast and slow pitch (randomly selected), animated infield "players" that catch the ball then turret around and throw the ball to another base turret for double plays, backglass running man unit, playfield lights to simulate men running to the bases, replay and extra inning. The first Williams baseball that did not have natural oak wood trim around the head, and the first baseball with "pointy" artwork (cabinet sides only). Also available in novelty version (#327) with no replays.

An updated replay version (#326) was released that had an engineering change to the original game. This added a "double play" relay under the playfield (all novelty versions had the engineering change). Double Play was probably the most advanced and most animated EM baseball ever produced by Williams. Unfortunately it was also a mechanical nightmare, and was difficult to keep running on location. The problem being if the game could not complete the double play (the throwing turret misses the receiving turret), outs are not registered. This essentially made the game playable "forever" on a single credit. The 8/16/65 engineering update helped rectify this problem, but production of the game had already been running for months before the change happened.

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