1955 United Fifth Inning

Description: Fifth Inning, United, 6/55, four players, running man unit with white and red three dimensional baseball men (instead of flat cardboard like on Williams' running man units). United 5th Inning is really a skee alley (a cross between a shuffle alley and skee-ball), puck is returned to the front of the cabinet on a long canvas conveyor belt (opposed to bouncing back to the player like on a shuffle alley), baseball scoring pockets made of soft silent rubber. Length is 98", height is 83", width is 24".

Game play is a bit unusual. There are five innings, and three shots per inning. The object is to get as many men across home plate in an inning as possible. The worst shot will score a single. And three singles won't get you any points for any inning! (All the runners are cleared between innings.) For innings one to four, each run scored is multiplied times the inning number (so in the fourth inning, each run gets four points). In the fifth inning, each run is worth ten points. A somewhat bizarre scoring system for baseball! The puck is returned to the player on a fast moving canvas conveyor belt. As the puck reaches the player it passes a switch which turns off the motorized belt. The belt motor starts again when the puck goes into one of the skee-ball scoring holes.

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The author's United 5th Inning game:

The United Fifth Inning I *gave* to my buddy Scott. *sigh*

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