1955 Williams King of Swat

Description: King of Swat, Williams #129, 5/55, one player, animated umpire raises both arm signaling "safe" as runner crosses homeplate. Only Williams pitch and bat baseball with this feature. Done with a small relay and two activator wires which attach to each of the umpire's arms (the relay pulls in momentarily as a player comes home).

Home run is scored by hitting the ball up one of three ramps and into the upper deck (a piece of clear plastic protects the ball from the running man unit). Hitting a Grand Slam lights another arrow under the letters "King of Swat" in backglass (lighting "G" or "F" awards one replay, carries over from game to game). Previous high score kept on the left side red score dials. Game can be adjusted to automatically reset the high score if more than 30, 35, 40 or 45 runs are scored (game scores a maximum of 45 runs, score reels will not go past 45). Replay awarded for a match or high score (operator selectable starting at 13 runs).

King of Swat is a single player game that only plays one inning (not adjustable for additional innings). Last Williams baseball with a silkscreened lacquer playfield (all games after this used a formica playfield). Also last game to have lighted playfield inserts (since the formica playfields were not cut for lamp inserts). Large "boomerang" wooden legs. First game to use the "wedge" cabinet design (used on three games: King of Swat, Four Bagger Deluxe, and 57 Deluxe Baseball). Playfield graphics are available in Photoshop6 format and can be downloaded here (10meg).

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