1965 Chicago Coin Par Golf, Super Par Golf

Description: Par Golf or Super Par Golf, Chicago Coin, 1965, one player. Has a manikin golfer next to the conventional pitch and bat style bat. Note this manikin does not move and does not function in any way. Unfortunately the manikin is often broken (from reflecting pitched balls). Super Par Golf is the replay version of Par Golf.

Game play is very realistic to golf. The patron plays nine hole, and gets as many pitch and bats as required to play nine holes. First the left side of the backglass is lit for the "drive". The first hole is 350 yards (par 4), and there are targets across the back of the playfield representing drives of different yardage (100 to 250 yards). The player "drives" until his added yards meets or exceeds 350 yards for the first hole (the added yards for the current hole are tracked on the backglass, with 100 yards being the least on any hit, and 250 the most.) Then the backglass lites up the "putt" side, and the rear playfield targets now represent the number of putts played to sink this hole. After one "putt" pitch and bat, the putt number (one to four) is added to the score ("1" putt stroke is the center target). The game then advances to the next hole and the backglass goes back to "drive".

There is an operator selectible options for a "hole in one" on holes 2,5,8. On these holes on the first drive, a playfield light turns on that says "hole in one". If the player hits the center target, that's a "hole in one" and the game's big 6" bell rings and the player gets a "1" score for the entire hole. If this is the Super Par Golf model, a replay is awarded (operator adjustable).

The number of total strokes is kept on the backglass' two score reels (and strokes for the current hole is kept using lighted scoring). The object is to get the lowest number of strokes for the nine holes (just like real golf). Uses three 13/16" balls (typical for a CCM pitch and bat), and the top glass is 20 7/8" x 38" x 3/16" tempered glass.

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