1966 Williams Pitch and Bat*

Description: Pitch and Bat*, Williams #332, 2/66, two players, replay version of Big League* (3/66), four different pitches (fast, slow, curve, knuckler).

As Duncan describes, fast pitch has a pivoting arm on the end of the pitch shaft, that hits a little nylon nub at the top of its stroke. So in addition to the arc of the whole arm, there is now a smaller (therefore faster) arc off just the tip of the arm.

Slow pitch has a little coil that released the arm (which could pivot), that has that nylon nub. So when the main arm came around, that nub was no longer there, and the pitching arm just went through its natural arc.

Curve actuated a magnet near the bat, which pulled the ball to the tip of the bat (or beyond!)

Knuckler activates a magnet near the pitching flap which pulls the ball to the left, *then* actuates a magnet near the bat which would pull the ball back to the right! When it works properly, the ball goes in a gorgeous "S" shape.

The magnets depended heavily on the ball being there at the right time. If the ball rattled in the pitching mech, and came out more slowly, sometimes the magnets had turned off by the time the ball got there.

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