1957 Genco Quarterback

Description: Quarterback, 1957, Genco, 1 players, 1.5" plastic balls (same as used on Genco's 2 Player Basketball) kicked through the air giving realistic football play. The playfield players are 2-dimensional football players (not 3-d like say Scientific Batting Practice.) Ball is not automatically "pitched" to the player but instead the ball is on a sort of oscillating golf tee, and moves around (via a motor.) The football player manikin does not move or kick the ball, instead a metal arm in front of him does the kick. The player must time when to kick the ball to get the most accuracy and longest kick. Scoring is in "touchdowns" with the back panel having scoring holes for 3,5,10 touchdowns. If the "super" scoring hole is hit, player can get up to 100 touchdowns. The player gets 8 downs, then the game is over. Very similar concept to the Genco's 1955 Champion Baseball and Genco's 1956 Hi-Fly Baseball, but obviously with a football theme.

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