1963 Midway Race Way pinball

Description: Race Way, Midway, 9/63, two player pinball, auto racing pinball style game but with a racecar "running man" type unit, similar to Flying Turns (1964) and Winner (12/64), uses real "Dinky Toy" cars (one Ferrari, one Maserati) in the backbox. Cars move around the track using magnets as the player shoots pinball. Top glass is 23" x 34 7/8" x 3/16" tempered glass.

Raceway has a center turret ball kicker. Under the race track there are two motors that drive two sets of gears via two chains. There is a magnet attached to each chain, and the cars have magnets on their underside. This is how the cars are moved.

The score is the number of laps each car takes. There's a switch under the racetrack for each car, and as the magnet comes around, the switch momentarily closes, advancing the player one or player two score reel one position. (The outside blue car is player one, the inside red car is player two.) Replays are score is the player gets to a set number of laps (operator adjustable starting at 8 laps).

The targets across the top of the playfield move the car the number of lengths specified (1, 2 or 4 lengths). The two pairs of kickout holes can really advance the cars. There are four slingshot kickers, an upper and lower pair that each move the car "one length", which is about 4 inches (1/4 revolution of the motor that drives the cars). When any of the four slingshots are hit, the bonus goes up one, to a maximum of 19. If the ball goes into one of the lower kickout holes, the bonus is scored, and a the car is moved one length for each bonus number (the bonus does not score when the ball is drained). The bonus also holds over to the next player (or ball), if the current player/ball can not collect it. Interestingly, when a new game is started, the bonus is cleared, but only 10 positions. So if the bonus is higher than 10, a new game will be started with the bonus above "1".

The top two kickout holes will advance the car one lap, but only when lit. Otherwise they only move the car about one length. Likewise the outlane drains will advance the car a 1/2 lap, but again only when lit. Otherwise they score nothing.

Game reset is a bit different. Starting a game will clear both player's score reels. Then the game moves both red and blue cars around the track one to the starting line. This happens even if both cars are already at the starting line. Then game is ready to play by pressing the lockdown bar's ball eject button. I found that often upon starting a game the two cars would not reset themselves and go around the track to the starting line. This was usually caused because the 2nd Coin relay would be energized, so the game would start as a two player game (instead of first starting as a one player game - a switch on the 2nd Coin relay stops the cars from reseting). This happens often because the 2nd Coin relay has become magnetic. Using a piece of electrical tape on the 2nd Coin relay's activator plate usually fixes this.

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The author's Midway Race Way game.

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