1955 Super Slugger, Deluxe Super Slugger

Description: Super Slugger, Deluxe Super Slugger*, United, 7/55, two players, three bat speeds (slow, medium, hard), running man unit with three dimensional rubber runners, super home run pocket worth 50 runs, three home run decks, one inning only (not changable). The predecessor to United's Star Slugger/Star Super Slugger (4/56).

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There is always a question how United used the Williams-style running man unit for its baseball game. In the early 1940s, Harry Williams and Lyndon Durant formed United Manufacturing. After WW2, the two men went their separate ways, with Durant staying with United, and Williams forming the new Williams Electronics. United became a big player in the industry, with their forte being bowling games. But in the 1950s United decided to make a baseball game, and who better to copy than Williams, whose baseball games were the industry standard? Harry Williams even let his friend and old partner use the man running unit, which had animated runners running the bases to show the batters' position.

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